The STEM Bridge Academy at Quarrybrook is a one-week summer program for high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a college degree in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 2017's program, Mapping the Ecosystem, will explore interconnected core concepts from Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students will be involved in designing and conducting research in the field, and will have opportunities to analyze and present data. To do this well, the Academy instructors will pair scientific investigation with math and literacy strategies for analyzing and conveying findings. The program is taught by a mix of high school and college faculty who are invested in supporting students as they make the transition from high school to college. The STEM Bridge Academy is a chance for high school students to find out what to expect from college and what it expects from them - all while doing interesting scientific work and meeting new people.


Monday June 26th - Friday June 30th

Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center
Windham, NH

Cost for the program is $575,
which includes all materials and supplies.

Bring your lunch, and prepare to be outside
for most of the day!

The Academy is open to 20 students.
Register today!
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The STEM Bridge Academy through Northern Essex Community College (NECC) and Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center is a great opportunity for future science students to review and expand what they already know, and to learn new skills for college success!

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Mapping the Ecosystem goes beyond reviewing what was taught in high school, and pushes students to start thinking more broadly and deeply about science! First-semester college students are often surprised by the amount of reading, writing, and math they need to do in science classes - but the Academy will ensure that you get to college knowing what to expect. The STEM Bridge Academy will ask you to delve deeper into Quarrybrook's ecosystem, through the lens of a college student, in order to develop the science, math, and literacy skills that will be essential for success in college. Each day, Academy students will participate in active data collection and analysis, drawing on concepts from the major scientific disciplines to make sound predictions, design and answer researchable questions, and communicate their findings to each other. This will include gathering information from published studies, doing real-time statistical and quantitative analysis, and learning how to present information to peers and teachers.

Why the STEM Bridge Academy?

  • Experience science in action by participating in forest and pond ecosystem research, and analyzing your findings in a meaningful way.
  • Work with college instructors so you know what to expect in your first semester.
  • Learn math and literacy strategies that are specific to science majors, so you can feel comfortable with data analysis, reports, and presentations.
  • Spend beautiful summer days outside, investigating Quarrybrook's 245 acres.
  • Create a network of peers and instructors who can support you as you progress in your studies.

Summer Bridge programs have become a popular and effective way to better prepare students for their transition to college by giving them the opportunity to work closely with college faculty on meaningful projects related to their chosen field. The goal of the STEM Bridge Academy is to introduce the academic and social expectations that STEM students will encounter in their college-level science courses. The Academy exposes students to college-level expectations for class participation, field and lab work, and to the applied math and literacy skills required in the science classroom. The best part - when the Academy ends, you can still count on your instructors to answer questions and help you with your transition to college.

Successful completion of the program will strengthen students' mathematical and scientific knowledge and literacy as they prepare to enter college, and will reinforce to students the need for cross-disciplinary understanding when doing applied science. The overarching objective of this program is to create students who are engaged, not bewildered, by the multi-disciplinary thinking necessary in upper-level STEM courses. At the completion of the Academy, students will have the opportunity to take the Accuplacer - reading, writing, and math assessment tests - and will be given personal advising into a STEM pathway, including opportunities for dual-enrollment programs at NECC. Students who matriculate into NECC STEM programs will have access to the Academy faculty as mentors throughout the following academic year.