Marcy Yeager took on the role of Executive Director of Quarrybrook in Summer 2015, after being involved in partnership and development work with Northern Essex Community College and Quarrybrook since 2012. Originally from Maine, Marcy has made New England her home, earning a BS in Chemistry from Northeastern University and a MS in Atmospheric Chemistry and Science Education from the University of New Hampshire. Through personal and educational field study experiences, she has lived in England, Australia, Ecuador, Borneo, and for a little too long on a NOAA research ship. The love of experiential education, field research, and natural sciences brought Marcy to Northern Essex Community College in Fall 2003. While there Marcy served as the Natural Science Department Chair, developed Laboratory Science programs through an NSF grant, directed International Programs, and worked with the Center for Professional Development to engage faculty with active learning. Her favorite class, "Field Studies in Natural Systems," brought students to Ecuador and Belize where they studied the bio-geological development of the ecosystems through field work. Marcy is excited to lead Quarrybrook and provide a space to engage in all of her loves: the natural world, engaging students and teachers in experiential education, program development, and encouraging everyone to be outdoors.


Kirsten Kortz joined the Quarrybrook team as our K-14 Education Development Director in Summer 2015. Kirsten grew up in northern New York State, along the St. Lawrence River, where she had early opportunities in museum education and ecology and sustainability studies. Moving to New England in 2003, Kirsten earned a MA in Child Development and a PhD in Education with a focus on academic motivation. She began teaching at Northern Essex Community College in 2011, concentrating on introductory-level courses that help students transition to college by developing academic goals and engagement. She continues to teach adjunct courses in the Behavioral Sciences Department, in addition to spending time outdoors running, kayaking, and playing with her dog! From her academic work, she believes that active engagement in meaningful activities that expose students to concepts, strategies, and ideas they care about fosters academic motivation. From personal experience, she believes that being physically active, spending time outdoors, and doing purposeful work fosters personal motivation and well-being. Through thoughtful curricular development and professional development opportunities, Kirsten hopes to share these beliefs with the teachers and students who visit Quarrybrook, so they can develop their own engagement with learning and the natural world.


Alicia Iola joined the Quarrybrook team as our Administrative Assistant in Spring 2016. Alicia earned a BA in Public Relations from the University of Rhode Island, and had worked at Northern Essex Community College since 2008. At Quarrybrook, Alicia coordinates all Field Class Program scheduling, and is the point of contact for all interested schools and visitors.


Jim Cruickshank joined the Quarrybrook team as an Educator in Summer 2016. Jim grew up in rural Iowa, where he earned his BA in History from Central College. He completed an MS degree in Park and Resource Management from Slippery Rock University with an emphasis on environmental education. Jim has taught and facilitated environmental and outdoor education at Bradford Woods Outdoor Center in Indiana and with Houston Independent School District's Outdoor Education Center at Forest Glen. He is a Certified Interpretive Guide, through the National Association of Interpretation. Jim has continued his own learning with organizations such as the Aldo Leopold Foundation, the Leave No Trace Center for Environmental Ethics, and the Texas Watershed Steward program. He is passionate about natural resources and conservation, and is excited to continue learning about local ecosystems while sharing the wonders of nature with visiting students!


Katherine Doyle joined the Quarrybrook team as an Educator in Summer 2016. She earned a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Maine at Farmington. Since then, Katherine has worked at environmental and outdoor education programs throughout the U.S. Summers have been spent leading nature camps at Tin Mountain Conservation Center in Albany, NH. Autumns have been spent teaching at Stone Environmental School in Madison, NH. Winters and springs have been spent working as a naturalist at the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority's outdoor education program in Calabasas, CA. Katherine is a Certified Interpretive Guide, and one of her missions is to have visiting students make positive connections to the natural world, which can then be shared with others.




THANK YOU LINDSEY for your 2.75 years of trail teaching at Quarrybrook!
Best Wishes as you move on to full-time college-level women's lacrosse coaching!!


Deb Kure joined the Quarrybrook team as an Educator in Fall 2013. Earning a BA in Geology from the University of Rochester sparked her love of fieldwork and learning and teaching in the outdoors. Deb has since worked as an Outdoor Science Instructor throughout the U.S., including for Bradford Woods Outdoor Center in Indiana, YMCA Camp Mason in New Jersey, Nature's Classroom sites in New England, White Pines Ranch in Illinois, Camp Highland Outdoor Science School in California, North Woods Resource Center - Widjiwagan in northern Minnesota, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Camp Fire - Balcones Council in Texas, and trips programs in Colorado, West Virginia, and New England. During summers, Deb is the Associate Head of the Nature Program at Camp Pemigewassett in New Hampshire. Deb has loved the great variety of ecosystems, trail subjects, and ages she has lived in, taught, and worked with!


Quarrybrook is proud to participate in the Corporate Work Study Program of Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School, a not-for-profit corporation sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Ipswich and Boston Provinces. Located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Notre Dame High School offers this unique program to its students as an opportunity to earn the cost of their yearly tuition through work with local businesses and organizations. Seniors Diana and Carolyn, at left, and sophomores Xavier and Alex, at right, help with every aspect of Quarrybrook's education program, from the fabrication and maintenance of our teaching aids and supplies, to assisting students on the trail during our field class programs. They are a very important part of Quarrybrook's education team!